20 Oct

intiGrow Announces Innovative New Security Service

Addresses Need for Lower Cost and Flexibility

Las Vegas, NV — March 1, 2011 — At IBM’s Pulse, intiGrow is announcing the availability of a new service offer for clients deploying, extending, or maintaining identity and access systems.

In response to market conditions, intiGrow has developed a service model that addresses the need for continuity of high level of expertise, while simultaneously lowering the price for these services. This model can help organizations transform the way they design, deliver, and manage business services. It provides intiGrow clients with additional flexibility matching staff requirements with service delivery.

Kishore Mane, intiGrow Principal and Chief Architect, says this service enables organizations to better balance budgets and scarcity of needed expertise. “The fact that there are increasing needs for delivering the security services of identity and access management, and fewer skilled experts to perform the work, means the price for those services has increased. Our ExEl offering addresses this situation.”

ExEl means execute and elevate. The service focuses on executing the tactical efforts needed to implement or extend identity and access management (IAM), and elevating the level of service supporting the implementation. intiGrow’s Mane explains, “ExEl provides a more consistent level of service by keeping more intiGrow team members involved in client operations, in on-site and off-site locations.”

intiGrow clients have already responded to the offer. They see the advantages of ExEl as reducing or eliminating ramp-up time for new team members needed to extend IAM by retaining technical insight and institutional knowledge. They also agree they will see less delay in project kick off, and less risk to a project from a key team member’s absence. These advantages ensure faster completion of initiatives at a higher level of quality.

About intiGrow

Formed in 2003, intiGrow is an internationally prominent IT consulting firm providing strategic consultation, application services, and technology solutions centered on addressing identity and access management. intiGrow helps customers achieve results by identifying critical security issues, identifying business justifications, and implementing innovative and customized solutions designed to generate revenue, reduce costs and access the right information at the right time. intiGrow is a Premier IBM Business Partner. For more information visit www.intiGrow.com.

Members of the press, IT analysts or interested parties requesting a private briefing or discussion with an intiGrow client while at Pulse should contact at ,

Daniel Fitzgerald
[ m ] :678 248 4942, x 105
[ w ] : www.intiGrow.com
[ @ ] : Daniel.Fitzgerald@intiGrow.com

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