With the regulations changing rapidly across the globe the Financial sector has undergone massive changes in terms of People, Process and Technology to secure their operations and retain the customer base. Security management has today turned out to be of primary considerations by financial institutions and risk management controls are now being aligned with proper organizational strategies and policies to ensure higher levels of security controls. Some of the growing concerns of financial organizations continue to be

  • Hacking Becoming a Next Gen Career…It ‘s getting easier
  • Protected systems still getting “owned” by Hackers
  • Bots are in the news and all around
  • Keystroke Loggers on the prowl
  • Trusted Websites becoming Attack Vectors
  • Phishing and more Phishing at Financial Institutions
  • A customer end Malware Infection
  • Capturing Online Banking Credentials
  • Selling of customer accounts to others for higher bid
  • Data Breach resulting in wire transfer
  • Mobile banking turning into a nightmare overnight

How to protect your organization?

With intiGrow security experts and analysts you can now experience a wide range of skills and expertise. We will help you in assessing your organizations information security and risk management practices and give recommendations on the change of policies and strategies on the security front that gives you value for business information. We understand the fact that compliance and security are never the same but are congruent.

Financial organizations have their core mission to delight the customers and help them in easy mode of monetary transactions. intiGrow’s objective for supporting smarter and secure financial operations include

  • Maintaining confidence in the financial system and securing it
  • Promoting awareness and public understanding of the financial system
  • Securing the appropriate level of protection for consumers
  • Reduction of financial crime and banking nightmares

With these objectives intiGrow caters to the following sub sectors in financial domain to extend its services and solutions

  • Banking & securities
    • Anti-money laundering
    • Securitization services
  • Insurance
  • Investment management

intiGrow’s Financial Security Solutions and Services

With firms becoming more aware of the potential cost of losing customer data, both to themselves and their customers, firms are equally trying to be careful in handling customer data and keeping their systems and controls up to date to prevent security lapses. intiGrow supports organizations in achieving this by providing solutions like

  • Security Audit and Compliance Check
  • Data privacy- Identity and Access Management
  • Risk Based Adaptive Authentication
  • Fraud Analyzer and Intrusion Detection
  • Network Traffic Pattern Analyzer
  • Endpoint Security Platforms and Services
  • Two Factor authentications
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Security
  • Mobile Checkpoint Security
  • Access to Global Security Operations Center for Monitoring
  • Secure Web Gateways and Firewall services
  • PCI DSS Compliance Check

Our domain expertise, process management skills and change management capabilities provides customized solutions to help YOU gain competitive edge

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