O rganizations in today’s digital world are relying more and more on technology, automation and information. With operations that now may span the globe, you have customers to support 24 x7x365. With such highly critical services being offered, any breakdown in the infrastructure can cause disruption of the services, which can have catastrophic effects on your ability to supports customers. The costs of interrupted access to data, or the loss or compromise of customer data will have serious impacts on your organization’s functional abilities and subsequently, reputation. At the same time, your ability to remain operational and extend services during the disruption phase will set you apart and help you be seen as above the rest.

Another dominant factor in today’s business world is the ever increasing requirement to comply with legal and government regulations. Organizations risk the possibility of facing penalties- some severe, for not being able to provide services within stipulated timelines. For these needs, having well implemented continuity & recovery plans become critical.

To appreciate the severity of an outage, we must understand that no organization is immune to disruptions. These can come at anytime in the form of intrusions into your network by hackers, physical attacks, bio terrorism, terrorist attacks, accidents, equipment failures or natural disasters. What allows one organization to survive such setbacks with their reputation intact, while others may not, is their ability to mitigate the obvious disruptions by having well formulated continuity plan to handle any type of events.

Based on the established standards and frameworks like the ISO 22301:2012 and NIST publications, intiGrow will help you establish a Business Continuity Management process. This will help you mitigate the technology and information continuity risks identified as part of Risk Management. In order to maintain availability of IT and information we will first help you identify:

  • which processes are critical;
  • how quickly they must to be restored;
  • what are the IT services and information required in order to keep these critical processes running.

Using this information, intiGrow consultants will determine the actions that must be performed to ensure that the IT and information requirements of the critical processes can be met, despite a disruptive event. This includes ensuring that the IT staff is available within the required timeframes and the identification of an alternative site(s) from which to work should it become necessary. This information is detailed within the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The six step approach intiGrow has mastered is:

  1. Define BCM framework
  2. Conduct Business Impact Analysis
  3. Define the Recovery strategy / approach
  4. Document the BCP
  5. Test the BCP
  6. Sustain BCM program

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