Are we prepared if we are hit with ransomware?
How much will our cybersecurity insurance plan cover?
Do we have the right products or services in place that provide a multilevel security approach aligned with a zero trust strategy?
You’ve heard it before, it isn’t will you get hit with a ransomware attack, but when you will?

As our work environments have shifted from office to remote, the cyber threats have increased exponentially. According to the Institute for Security and Technology, ransomware victims paid out $350M in 2020 – a 311% increase over 2019.

With remote working continuing to remain a forefront for organizations, employees are no longer confined within the corporate networks’ perimeter. Ransomware gangs and criminals are leveraging this vulnerability. With current foreign relations, Russia is focused on leveraging cyber warfare if anyone dares to interfere with their mission.

As a remote employee, here are some measures you can implement to minimize risks:

  • Secure internet routers with unique passwords.
  • Firewalls that monitor incoming traffic and keep out threats.
  • Company devices with additional security in place.

From a corporate perspective, reducing your risks starts with impactful conversations with the boardroom and other key stakeholders.

Have you had conversations about zero trust? A zero trust strategy contains these benefits/outcomes:

  • Increase visibility across the enterprise.
  • Reduce time to breach detection.
  • Reduce the complexity of your security stack.
  • Avoid reputational damage and significant financial losses.

At intiGrow, we pride ourselves in understanding your organization’s specific challenges and working with key stakeholders to implement a zero trust strategy that addresses all your concerns and identifies the areas where your organization needs to focus, including:

  • Review of the existing topology or architecture
  • Prioritize initial areas for zero trust on-ramp
  • Develop target topology
  • Identity access management strategy
  • Privileged access management strategy
  • Password management strategy
  • Guidance on your organization’s insurance renewal

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ISO Security Assessment Addresses Security Breaches (infoGraphic)

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that addresses information security. Implementing a well-known standard as a measure of effectiveness will greatly improve the effectiveness of your information security program. It can also provide guidance in the development of a security strategy. Earning certification can make information security audits less difficult, too. Take a look at the infoGraphic below to see how ISO 27001 can help you.

ISO Security Assessment Addresses Security Breaches (infoGraphic)

ISO Security Assessment Addresses Security Breaches (infoGraphic)

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