As enterprises become geographically spread and variant, large number of applications are accessing data over unsecured networks. If data becomes exposed due to theft or loss, companies face severe losses and damage on their reputation.

Data encryption helps in saving and protecting important data, whether it is stored on a laptop or desktop computer, removable storage media, an email server or a corporate network. This makes it possible to securely access files from anywhere. In case if a stolen device, the data will be impossible to be read as it is encoded by the mechanism of the data encryption.

With intiGrow’s data encryption solutionorganizations can secure critical, unstructured data located on network drives and file servers. Administrators can enforce encryption for particular files and folders or entire disk drives while end users can choose to protect specific data and also offers full disk encryption capabilities.


  • Secure and cost-effective protection for sensitive data on all removable media and Network Drives
  • No need for complex infrastructure to manage encryption keys
  • No modifications to operating systems, applications or tools
  • Helps with regulatory compliance requirements

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