Databases are often overlooked as a target attack point when it comes to data hacking as they provide a rich repository of information for those who perform these breached. Organizations thereby can have a large, negative financial impact on their business if the security aspect of database is compromised upon.

A comprehensive database scanning solution for vulnerabilities that affect databases such as default accounts, default permissions on database objects such as tables, views, and stored procedures, buffer overflows and denial of service. Regularly auditing database servers helps security staff identify configuration issues and policy and compliance violations.

intiGrow’s powerful database monitoring and scanning solution Provides activity monitoring and blocking, privileged user and multi-factor access control, data classification, transparent data encryption, consolidated auditing and reporting, secure configuration management, and data masking.


  • Provides wide range of database audits for security, configuration and operational vulnerabilities
  • Provides with pre-defined policy report templates, making compliance reporting for internal and external auditors effective;
  • Use the results from the database scan to penetrate the operating system and finding vulnerabilities that would otherwise be left hidden.

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