The introduction of competition in the electric power industry, combined with increased public demand for power, has resulted in greater reliance by power utilities on information systems and networks. Just as information system expansion has occurred, information security vulnerabilities have shown a corresponding increase. Efforts to allow easier access to operational, customer, and supplier information, combined with the expansion of corporate IT boundaries as the result of merger and acquisitions, vastly increases the security vulnerabilities of power company networks. As a result, the impact of a security breach goes beyond operational concerns, and can have a devastating impact on the financial well-being of a company. Some of the growing concerns of Energy & Utilities organizations continue to be:

  • E-Business Initiatives and the Transformation of The Traditional Network Architecture
  • Network Security Vulnerabilities
  • Patch Management challenges
  • Compliance Management challenges
  • Legacy supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Managing a diverse set of vendor products that generate large amounts of status and threat information
  • Incorporating security into service delivery applications that were developed without security as a consideration
  • Ensuring the physical security for all the systems that deliver the services including those that are distributed over long distances.

With intiGrow security experts and analysts you can now experience a wide range of skills and expertise. We will help you in assessing your organizations information security and risk management practices and give recommendations on the change of policies and strategies on the security front that gives you value for business information. We understand the fact that compliance and security are never the same but are congruent.

  • An effective approach to network security with a thorough assessment of present vulnerabilities and a careful evaluation of network security architectures.
  • Assessing operational systems, power companies should strongly consider conducting additional assessments of corporate networks, web servers, and customer management systems

intiGrow’s Energy and Utilities Security Solutions and Services

intiGrow is a premier information security services provider, delivers Real-Time Information Protection through a comprehensive suite of Real-Time Managed Security Services and Security Professional Services. intiGrow secures clients through around-the-clock security management, monitoring, analysis and response delivered by security experts in world-class Security Operations Centers using a proprietary, next generation intelligent technology platform. This platform is capable of processing large volumes of network security data to separate actual security threats from false positives in real-time, with nearly limitless scalability.

intiGrow supports organizations by providing solutions like

  • Develop a risk-based assessment methodology for identifying critical assets
  • Setting Security Management Controls for Information protection and Access Management
  • Electronic Security Perimeter (Access Controls, Vulnerability Assessment, Monitoring Electronic Access)
  • Systems Security and Management (Port checks, End point protection & security incident monitoring and management)
  • Cyber Security Incident Response planning

Our domain expertise, process management skills and change management capabilities provides customized solutions to help YOU gain competitive edge

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