There are two sides to everything, and mobility management is no different. With mobile users accessing your organization’s applications, data, and services, the seemingly simple security challenges of web access are increased. Understanding the considerations will help you form a comprehensive security strategy to support, and sometimes enable, pursuit of new markets. Mobility management can be viewed as you might expect- inside the firewall and outside. On the inside of your firewall is your data center. Use the opportunity for mobility to assess and, where possible, advantageous your access management platform. By doing so, you gain more consistent access policy enforcement and activity monitoring across a user’s multiple computing platforms. This eases audit efforts and makes adaptive authentication easier to leverage. It also supports a behavioral authentication strategy. Additionally, it is a good time to implement multi-factor authentication and out-of-band password services. Mobile computing adds the challenge of supporting devices that are at one moment inside your firewalls, and the next outside. Mobile device management has evolved into far more than simply managing device configurations. Solid capabilities to manage your organization’s interests in securing content, applications, and e-mail on user-owned devices (BYOD). Be sure you are looking at this critical requirement to leverage reduced capital outlays and extending enterprise security needs in a supportive way your users will be happy with.

Holistic Security and Platform Management

Mobile is an irresistable force in our culture. This exciting new opportunity calls for Mobile Device Management (MDM) as well as Security. The best way to approach this? Get the MDM you need, but integrate the security with your existing security operations and infrastructure. The graphic below shows the key considerations intiGrow addesses: MDM, Secure Voice and Secure Text, Unified Access and Authentication, and consolidated Security Information and Event Management.

Secure Voice and Secure Text bears a little more discussion

These days, mobility almost always includes voice. How much of your information users calls are intercepted by adversaries? It likely depends on their role in the organization. Senior executives routinely curtail or even surrender smart phones and other mobile devices when traveling. Given the borderless nature of the Internet and wireless world, the risks are equally great at home. What about finance specialists, M&A bankers, investment bankers, buyers making strategic purchases, and those working with sensitive intellectual property? They all need to discuss important topics in an open and frank manner on demand in order to compete. You must secure the mobile and desktop voice service.

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