IntiGrow can help you assess your current information security posture with this free no-charge assessment.

  • Do you have a comprehensive risk strategy?
  • Does your risk strategy address the three main risks: external, internal and preventable?
  • Are you confident that there are no gaps in risk coverage?
  • Are you confident that risk responses and compliance activities are optimized across the organization

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,”  it is time to call intiGrow.

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Scope of Work

IintiGrow would conduct a dipstick review of the following key areas at one of your location and/or remote:

  • Information security policies

Information security policies shall be reviewed and recommendations regarding improving the same shall be given.

  • Organization of information security:

Current information security organization with regards to the various information security roles and responsibilities shall be accessed. We shall also review teleworking and/or BYOD policies if present.

  • Personnel security:

Practices regarding screening of employees, the disciplinary process during employment and off boarding process of the employees shall be audited.

  • Assets & Configuration management:

The identification of various assets and their handling shall be assessed along with the policies related to asset management. Information classification and labeling of information shall also be reviewed.

  • Access control:

Access control procedures shall be assessed. The procedure to create user access, grant user privileges and revocation of user privileges shall also be assessed.

  • Cryptography

If applicable, process to handle cryptographic keys and other cryptography related controls shall be reviewed.

  • Physical and environmental security:

Physical security controls shall be assessed to ensure unauthorized access is prevented. Equipment and cabling security shall also be reviewed.

  • Operations security:

Standard operating procedures and change management procedures shall also be reviewed. backup procedure shall be reviewed along with the logging and monitoring activities.

  • Communications Protection:

Network security with regards to network segregation, security of network services, and email security shall be assessed.

  • System & Services acquisition, development:

Information security practices in development and in project management shall be assessed.

  • System maintenance:

Policies and procedures of Maintenance of Information Systems

  • Supplier relationships:

Setup with regards to suppliers and the way information security is handled in supplier relationship shall be assessed.

  • Incident Response:

Incident management procedure shall be reviewed, along with the procedure of reporting information security events.

  • Contingency Planning

Current setup with regards to BCP/DR shall be assessed and recommendations shall be made to improve the procedure.

  • Compliance:

Compliance with internal requirements, such as policies, and with external requirements, such as laws & regulations


A comprehensive report covering below key information:


  • Compliance status of the assessed area
  • CRisk rating for each findings
  • CKey observations and recommendation for the assessed area and the findings


  • Onsite assessment timeframe would vary from 1 to 3 business days.
  • The final report shall be submitted within 5 business days after the audit has been completed.

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