Identity Management is a process of managing information used to identify users, control user access, determine user privileges, and delegate administrative authorities.
Identity management is the foundation of a security strategy.  In order to provide effective access management, you need to automate the processes needed to manage identities. An automated identity management system not only increases organizational flexibility, but also lowers IT operational costs and improves business flexibility.

When it comes to employees, contractors, and customers, their IT lifecycles are in motion.  Their needs, roles and responsibilities can change frequently. Customers’ privileges can change on the fly with membership level, account balance, or credit rating, and you need to be responsive.  As employees are given new roles or transferred to different departments in an organization, their access rights needs to be reviewed, updated according to the role and policies governing privileges for that role.  Some or all of their old access rights may need to be suspended or deleted.

Privilege authorization is very important, and the speed of this process is critical.  Clients and customers today expect immediate results.  Employees idle due to lack of IT accounts are expensive with no work completed.  Security policies are very important in an organization.  intiGrow’s identity management system offerings deliver the ability to create, modify, and enforce policies. Predefined reports allow you to view the activity and security state of an organization.  An automated identity management system will greatly support information security audits, too.

Automate management of user account lifecycle to internal systems and applications

  • Provisioning/De-provisioning
  • User lifecycle management
  • Enterprise password synchronization
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) based provisioning/De-provisioning
  • Directory/End-point integration

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