Having information security policies and procedures is not adequate enough for an assurance that organizational information assets are well protected. The policies may not be adequate or the compliance with the policies may not be adequate. For an assurance that they are effective in achieving their objectives a review must be performed.

An Information security audit is a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s security policy is employed. It is part of the on-going process of defining and maintaining effective security policies. Security audits provide a fair and measurable way to examine how secure a site really is.

intiGrow Security Audit services offer clients a thorough, cost-effective means of evaluating their overall information security posture in order to identify vulnerabilities and make informed remediation decisions, guided by intiGrow experience and expertise–and in doing so ensure that their networks, systems, data and customers are protected from the rising tide of cybercrime.

This assessment is designed to:

  • Create a security benchmark for your organization
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of current security practices
  • Prioritize the exposures that present the greatest risk
  • Provide risk mitigation recommendations consistent with compliance regulations, security industry best practices, client industry best practices, and client business objectives.

The knowledge gained from our Information Security Audits helps our clients make more informed decisions about how to allocate budgets and resources in order to most effectively manage risk.

intiGrow security auditors work with the adequate knowledge of the audited organization, in order to understand the resources to be audited. We provide IS audit service complying with IS audit standards, guidelines, and best practices to assist your organization in ensuring that your information technology and business systems are protected and controlled.

Some of the services intiGrow offers are:

  • Develop and implement a risk-based IS audit strategy for your company in compliance with IS audit standards, guidelines and best practices.
  • Plan specific audits to ensure that your IT and business systems are protected and controlled.
  • Conduct audits in accordance with IS audit standards, guidelines and best practices to meet your planned audit objectives.
  • Communicate emerging issues, potential risks, and audit results to your key stakeholders.
  • Advice on the implementation of risk management and control practices within your company.

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