intiGrow And Other Industry Experts Launch Series Of Webinars On Mobile Security

The IT security company intiGrow is teaming up with IBM, Koolspan, Airwatch, and SecurIT to present a series of webinars on IT security. Starting on October 23rd, there will be a webinar covering an aspect of IT security airing every Wednesday until the series ends on November 13th. Dan Fitzgerald, Vice President of sales and marketing at intiGrow, thinks that the webinar series couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Lately it seems like you can’t turn on the news or go online without hearing about some kind of security breach” Dan said, “The amount of high profile security breaches making the news in the past few months is staggering. So it is obvious that different industries and organizations have an IT security problem. Now there is a rush to accommodate mobile device users, and we want to help by informing IT and business leaders with a strategy to integrate mobile devices into their organization’s IT security. ”

The webinars will cover IT security topics like voice and text encryption, mobile IT security, identity and access management, and a single view of security events. The series of webinars was designed to educate people on the importance of integrating IT and mobile aspects of security, and to teach them effective IT security practices.

“We designed this series of webinars so that the average business or IT leader will learn the most effective and up to date ways to protect sensitive applications and data in the context of mobile devices.” Dan said, “We brought together industry experts that specialize in certain facets of IT and mobile security so that they could give participants a comprehensive and complete look at security through our webinars series. We’re very excited to help businesses utilize our series to address this important social and technological development to reach their clients and constituents.”

The webinar schedule is as follows:

October 23rd– Koolspan presents: Encrypted Voice and Text and Beyond

October 30th- Airwatch presents: Enterprise Mobile Management

November 6th – SecurIT presents: Flexible Authentication for Mobile Security and Beyond

November 13th – IBM presents: Protecting Mobile Communications with Security Intelligence

The webinar details can be seen here.

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