Manufacturing industries most often have high capital expenditures in installation of equipments, control systems and job scheduling needs. Being in Time Bound Business mode, Manufacturing companies get immensely affected if production stops that leads to substantial dollar impact on their business operations. If this happens due to corporate espionage and data theft then the situation turns out to be more critical as it has a direct impact on the processes, cost and customer data. It’s more of an integrated security solution that Manufacturing companies need than stand alone solutions solving a single security need at a time.

Today Manufacturing companies treat intellectual properties with higher priority than physical assets as it comprises of confidential and critical data like trade secrets, product prototypes and designs, new launch information, pricing and customer contact. Data leak on this information can prove to be disastrous for companies and will affect the entire business operations, productivity, profit margins and eventually the customer base.

With aerospace, automotive, electronics, hardware and other manufacturing companies giving higher focus on Quality Control, Cost, Production optimization, majority of them tend to ignore information security and data flow control intentionally or unintentionally. A poorly secured IT infrastructure can disrupt the entire business process, operations and eventually make organizations move down the competitive edge. Some of the growing concerns of Manufacturing organizations continue to be

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of complying
  • Meet SOX compliance
  • Enforcement of internal controls and organizational policies due to higher employee size
  • Lack of visibility of authorized security audit records
  • Application Identities
  • Monitoring & Recording Privileged Activity
  • Detection of configuration failures and network traffic behavior
  • No real-time monitoring of Web activity and bandwidth usage
  • Lack of Centralized administration and reporting
  • Lack of security infrastructure for secured data transmission across the network
  • No User access and policy violation tracking
  • Remote Surveillance

intiGrow understands the intensive pressure faced by manufacturing organizations and helps them design custom security solutions to protect customers, employees, facility and eventually enhance the bottom line of business operations. With our robust high performance security solutions manufacturing companies are empowered with rich security features and support for smarter, smoother and secure functioning of their business.

Our solutions support real time monitoring of data, network and personnel activities in the organization and allow security administrators get real time view of the happenings in the organization from a security standpoint.

intiGrow’s Manufacturing Security Solutions and Services

Due to the Global nature of the manufacturing industry, data additions day by day is increasing, supply chain is becoming more complex and thereby information security compliance have become a priority for companies. intiGrow enables manufacturing companies establish comprehensive internal controls to protect their intellectual assets and manage the monitoring and controlling of the business intelligence and trade secrets from theft. intiGrow supports organizations in achieving this by providing solutions like

  • IT Security Governance
  • Risk Management and Strategic Planning
  • Compliance drivers:
    • Sarbanes-Oxley
    • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
    • RoHS (Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances)
    • WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)
    • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals)
  • Managed Security Services on Cloud
  • Log Monitoring & Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Resolution
  • End Point Security Control
  • Security & Compliance Consulting Services
  • Application Encryption Key Management
  • Secured File Transfer Management

Our domain expertise, process management skills and change management capabilities provides customized solutions to help YOU gain competitive edge

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