Companies are constantly seeking opportunities to grow and expand their business, increase competitive edge and drive market value. For many, this encompasses merging with, or acquiring, other companies. Regardless of how similar two companies may seem when they shake hands, it’s a complicated and challenging process to assure a meaningful union. An important, underlying characteristic to realizing the vision of the merger’s architects is information security. From a security perspective, the understanding and predictability of the security posture established in each organization is greatly disrupted and can cause confusion at best and the introduction of new risks at worst.

Security practices of one organization may not be similar to the other, and in most cases are not, creating a security posture initially founded. Business demands rapid, unfettered transformation and harmonization in order to exploit investments, which places a great deal of pressure on security groups to move quickly and effectively.

intiGrow’s M & A security consulting service helps organization achieve a seamless integration of the two (or more) entities. intiGrow consultants will engage a phased approach to aid the merger. intiGrow approach will develop support for the involvement of information security team in the entire merger process. At the outset the consultants shall get complete understanding of the organizations business as well as the cultures. They will educate the M&A team of the risks involved during the merger phase. A thorough Due Diligence of both the entities will be undertaken to identify the major risks to the organization, the key business processes and the critical information assets. Based on this understanding intiGrow will advise on the short term as well as long term methods of information protection which will avoid cultural as well as business impact.

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