What & Why?
In todays’ world Information is the most valuable business asset to an organization. Thus, it needs to be protected to ensure its confidentiality, integrity and availability. The very first thing in information security is to set up policies and procedures on how to protect information. Organizations face security threats from a wide range of sources and are vulnerable to attacks such as computer viruses, hacking and denial of service attacks. Information security by technical means is not sufficient and needs to be supported by policies and procedures.

Security policies are the foundation and the bottom line of information security in an organization. A well written and implemented policy contains sufficient information on what must be done to protect information and people in the organization. Security policies also establish computer usage guidelines for staff in the course of their job duties. The objective of a well written and implemented security policy is improved information availability, integrity and confidentiality, from both inside and outside the organization

intiGrow offers services in creating and implementing Organizational Information Security Policies. We believe in the fact that “One size does not fit all”. Our approach depends on the size of the client organization, financial resources available, the degree of threat to which the information assets are vulnerable. Taking the above aspects into consideration, we will set up a security policy that finds the right balance between the extent of controls, the threats & vulnerabilities to which your systems are exposed keeping in mind the business imperatives.

To provide value-driven Information Security Services and Solutions to our customers by striking a right balance of price and performance, thereby helping them
maintain higher Returns on Investment.

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