Vulnerability is a weakness in a device, system or a network. Each individual component of a network may have inherent vulnerabilities, which can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to the device, which in turn can enable exploitation of more network vulnerabilities to gain access to the entire networks. The vulnerabilities can exist in the operating systems on which the devices run, the software which is running the devices / systems. Vulnerabilities can also creep in due to misconfigurations of the systems, for e.g. not changing the default log in credentials.

Vulnerability assessment is a systematic process of ranking, quantifying, identifying, and prioritizing the security holes of a given system or network. Vulnerability assessment includes assessment of the potential threats or hazards (such as black hat hackers, crackers, botnets, worms, viruses, trojans, spam, system exploits, social engineering techniques, and so on) that could compromise a whole company’s or individual user’s database and the infrastructure housing these important yet sensitive digital records.

A network vulnerability assessment evaluates all your systems as they are seen remotely from the Internet. From there, potential security vulnerabilities and changes in the network that could be exploited by attackers are revealed before they are taken advantage of.

intiGrow’s Vulnerability Assessment service is a systematic process involving the following steps:

  • Classification of system capabilities and assets.
  • Allocating importance, rank order, or quantifiable value to the above resources.
  • Discerning the common vulnerabilities or possible hazards to each asset.
  • Alleviating or eradicating the most serious system weaknesses for the most important resources.

Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, the focus on estimating both, the adverse effects on the asset itself and on the principal and secondary consequences for the surrounding system environment and then the possibilities of mitigating such risks and improving the security capacity and performance rating of a given network or computer system in order to better manage future incidents.

All devices in the network are analyzed and detailed recommendations for the identified vulnerabilities are given.

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